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Written by Jay Deagon

I love my job!  I have been collecting inspirational home economics news stories found on the internet as part of my PhD.  To be honest – I have had some difficulty!  Good news is… I have found some I wish to share with you. 

This lousy T-shirt

What could you do with this lousy t-shirt?

First story, a home economics class in America sewed much-needed clothing from recycled T-shirt material and gave them to orphans in Kenya.  I thought this was a fantastic example of students using their classroom skills to make tangible connections with global realities.

A basket of vegetables to share

A basket of vegetables to share

Second story, Vanessa Barry, a mature but newly qualified home economics teacher in Scotland helped her students set up “The Growing Greener Company“.  With the help of other departments in her school, the students set up a garden, grew vegetables, cooked vegetable soup in home economics class and sold it to kids at lunch time.  Vanessa won an award for this accomplishment and has been “hailed a shining example to her profession”.  I agree!

Finally, a 15 second YouTube clip that was an eye opener.  Watch this and tell me what you think!

This clip made me incredibly proud to be a member of the home economics profession.  These boys and their teacher, are an inspiration. What do you think?  Will you ever complain about noise in the home economics kitchens again? 

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching as much as I enjoyed collecting.



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