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Written by Jay Deagon @ HomeEcConnect

Ever wonder what happens to boys who do home economics?  They become world champions and so much more!

Eamon Sullivan is an Australian Olympic Swimmer, Winner of Australian Celebrity MasterChef, Cleo 2011 Bachelor of the Year, cookbook writer and restaurant owner. He credits his interest in food to beef stroganoff made in home economics class.

Jennifer Susanto-Lee (7/10/2011) from The West Australian reports

As swimming took off during his high-school years, a gruelling daily schedule of training and school (starting at 5am and finishing at 7pm) left him a very hungry boy. Home economics saved him from certain starvation and left an indelible impression.

She then reports Eamon saying

“I was quite a fussy eater and home economics sort of forced me to try different things. I remember the first time I tried beef stroganoff, and as soon as I tried it – well, it just all happened from there really”.

This is a link to the full interview “Like a fish our of water in Subiaco”.

He was starving from all the sports training!  Now THAT is a pretty good angle to get the boys hooked into home economics – don’t you think?

Image sourced from Media Gallery at http://www.eamonsullivan.com.au/ on 7 October 2011.


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