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Written by Jay Deagon. 

I recently attended a workshop about what makes a successful virtual community… the content of that workshop was not reassuring… they told me that people are becoming overloaded with technology and could not be bothered participating in online communities anymore.  They [people and online communities] have lost their “sparkle”.

In another article, Dr Paul Gunning (2009) talked about having a “social media reality check” and identified the many pitfalls that happen when the “techno-ecstasy” rush is over (p. 18)… the result will be a failed and empty website.  Is this the fate of HomeEcConnect

An interesting thing is happening.  No one is replying to broadcast messages, comments or discussions.  Same thing is happening on the Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube and WordPress as well.  With four different but linked electronic sources of information available; there is zero interaction from a global home economics community of thousands; and I don’t understand why.

Home Economics Victoria (HEV) are hosting the upcoming International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) World Congress being held in Melbourne in 2012.  The theme is “Global Well-Being”.  It is hoped that those who participate in the HomeEcConnect project will be showcased as leaders and shining examples of home economics teachers, students and professionals actively participating as global citizens toward a peaceful, just and sustainable future for all.  The Earth Charter says that “it starts with one”.  Is anyone doing anything at local levels to achieve a peaceful, just and sustainable future or has the “sparkle” died out of home economics too?  I just can’t believe this to be true!

For the past few years, every Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA) conference I have attended in Queensland has focused on the integration of technology and the internet into home economics classroom practice.  I assume it is a similar message in other parts of the world?

The purpose of HomeEcConnect is to gather resources for use in home economics classrooms.  A cross-cultural selection of quality classroom practices to share with the global home economics community as well as the general public.  The King & Amy O’Malley Trust identify a ‘desired attribute’ of a home economist as someone with a strong ethic of service who actively participates in their community.   To achieve a sustainable future for all, The Earth Charter urges us to share our knowledge in open and respectful ways.  HomeEcConnect aims to celebrate our different home economics practices not privilege one discipline or ‘way of knowing’ over another.  HomeEcConnect is about sharing our dreams and realities in the hope of addressing some of our most pressing local and global challenges.

Home economics teachers, students and professionals – I am seeking your advice.  What do you want?  and what will keep you coming back HomeEcConnect?

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