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Comment by Jay Deagon @HomeEcConnect

I thought this news article from CBS News was wonderful for the following reasons (but probably not the ones that you think):


1) boys in the home economics kitchen – fantastic!

2) Her Royal Highness taking an interest in home economics;

3) kangaroo being used in the kitchen creating awareness of it as an alternative to beef, lamb or chicken.  The home economics teacher is to be congratulated for being obviously  very switched on and respectful to the diet of Indigenous Australians and teaching culturally appropriate yet modern cuisine.  Kangaroo meat is packed with vitamins and minerals, kangaroos do not produce CO2 emissions like cows; and the meat is high in protein and very low in fat (but I personal only like it if it is heavily marinated); AND

File:Australian Coat of Arms.png4) reminding me that Australians might be the only country to eat the animals (both kangaroo and emu) which appear on the Coat of Arms.

I think this is all wonderful news…

I don’t begrudge Her Majesty for not eating it either.  There are a number of obvious and pretty good reasons for her not to eat it.


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